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Eagles News > August 9th, 2013

Video: Matt Barkley’s First NFL TD vs. New England Patriots

Here is a video of Matt Barkley’s first NFL touchdown to Greg Salas during 2013 NFL Preseason Week 1 against the New England Patriots.

Eagles News > August 9th, 2013

Video: DeSean Jackson TD vs. New England Patriots (8/9/13)

Here it is, the first Eagles touchdown of the 2013 season. On the Eagles first drive in Preseason Week 1, Michael Vick connects with DeSean Jackson for a 47-yard touchdown.

Site News > January 29th, 2013

Kaley Cuoco Stars in Toyota’s New Big Game Ad (Sponsored Content)

You’ve heard of Aladdin’s magic lamp. What if rubbing your car brought you a genie? Watch Kaley Cuoco grant the wishes of the Henderson family, which takes them on a journey from medieval times to outer space, with some help from their 2014 RAV4. Toyota’s fourth-generation RAV4 features new styling and a six-speed automatic transmission, among other goodies.

Share your own wish on Twitter and Instagram with #WishGranted and check out Toyota on Facebook.

Site News > August 22nd, 2012

New Fantasy Football and Survivor Pool Websites

I wanted to announce that I started a few new blogs that will be part of THE PASS RUSH community. Before we get to those, I wanted to let everyone in on my Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet. What you’ll get is all fantasy football rankings sorted by position on a single page, much like Yahoo’s big board. It serves as a great print sheet when you’re drafting your fantasy team. If you’re trying to decide between players and need to look up some quick stats, it’s the perfect resource for that. Visit it now.

Another website we just launched is Whenever you’re trying to select your starting lineup or trying to decide which players to start or sit, feel free to send us an email. We’ll post your start/sit question online with our response and other readers can leave their advice as well.

We then rolled out the same idea for those in survivor pools. Need help selecting which team you should take in your NFL survivor pool? Feel free to send us an email and we’ll give you our thoughts while other fans can give theirs. Be sure to check

Want to participate in a pick ‘em league? Sign up at THE PASS RUSH.

Eagles News > July 29th, 2012

Eagles Fantasy Football Team Names

We are six weeks away from the NFL season and we’re already gearing up for fantasy football — doing our research, ranking our players, and trying to come up with creative team names. Here is a list of fantasy football team names for Eagles fans. We have a team name for Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, LeSean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Babin, Brent Celek, Nnamdi Asomugha, and more.

  1. The Real McCoy
  2. DeSeantourage
  3. Bustin a McNutt
  4. The ConVicks
  5. Maclin On Your Girl
  6. Vick Will McNabb Your Position
  7. The Celek Few
  8. Back That Asomugha Up
  9. Maclin-Turner Overdrive
  10. InVickTus
  11. My Babin Back Ribs
  12. The Viet-Nnamdi War
  13. Run DRC

If you can think of more Eagles fantasy football team names, hit us up.

Phillies News > July 9th, 2011

Video: Tosh.0 Web Redemption With Tased Phillies Fan

“Don’t tase me bro!”

Since when is it illegal to have fun at a baseball game?

Phillies News > July 9th, 2011

Video: Tosh.0 With Phillies Fan Who Catches Ball, Daughter Throws It Away

The original Phillies Tosh.0. where a Phillies fan catches a ball and his daughter throws the ball back onto the field. The one where the guy gets tasered is next.

Eagles News > April 30th, 2011

Eagles Draft Pitt RB Dion Lewis

I was hoping the Eagles would use a 3rd or 4th rounder on Nebraska RB Roy Helu, but the Washington Redskins nabbed him. No worries though as the Eagles add a nice backup to LeSean McCoy with another Pittsburgh product in Dion Lewis. Lewis is an incredible back and I am pumped at how the Eagles draft is shaping up.

Eagles News Flyers News Phillies News Sixers News > March 8th, 2011

Philly Sports Fan Tattoo

Check out this tattoo of a dedicated Philadelphia Sports fan.  Pretty wild. Courtesy of Bar Stool Sports:

Philadelphia Sports Fan Tattoo

Site News > February 11th, 2011

Bet Trading 101

Bet trading, also called peer-to-peer betting, is like playing video poker online it is a way for individuals to place bets along with other bettors, rather than with an online bet booking site. They do this to have more control over the parameters of the wager and to cut out the middleman, so that even though the site, known as a betting exchange site, takes a commission, the process is quick and often both bettors feel they have an advantage.

How Bet Trading and Bet Exchange Sites Work

Bet exchange sites work sort of like a combination of a typical sports betting site and an auction site where people go online to sell their old items. Through this they can be able to choose what kind of games to play just like online slots, and the extent of amount that they can bet will depend on the player. In the case of bet trading, the object for sale is a particular kind of bet. One bettor posts the odds they want, with the point spread they like and the amount of money they want to risk for whichever side they choose. Other bettors can then go online and choose from the available bets, investing as much as they want in each bet up to what is available, so that one bettor can book an entire bet or can share it with other interested parties. Just like putting Michael Vick on the game who can avoid a 10 yards loss and pick up a 10 yard gain is uncanny.

Why Bet Trading and Bet Exchange Sites Work

Bet trading works for the bettors because it helps them quickly and easily get the bets they are looking for, even if such bets are esoteric or if odds or spread bets on the event are not generally offered. Bet trading works for the online site because it does the work of the site for them. Under normal circumstances, an online sports book would have to find bettors on each side of a wager, or alter the spread or odds to get action on one side or the other. With bet trading, this is not necessary, because each bet finds its own bettors to take opposite sides.

Things to Know About Bet Trading

Remember that a commission will still be charged by the House, so the bet is not completely a bettor to bettor proposition. In fact, technically it is the site that is booking both bets, but the effect is that the bettors seem to be betting directly against each other.

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