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Link Dump Pre-Draft Edition: Now Sheldon Is Bitching

Sheldon Brown Demands Trade [The 700 Level] — I’m so sick of pro athletes complaining over contracts.  You’re being paid 8 figures to do something you love.  When you sign a contract early in your career, you have to realize that your accepting financial security over giving up some money in the event that your talent hasn’t been fully reached.  It’s natural for the guy who signs a contract after you to get paid more money, especially if there is a high demand for that position.  Get over it.  Shut the fuck up, cash your $5 million check for one season, and play.  If you want to blame someone, blame your agent.

Now, I love Sheldon Brown.  I love his play on the field and I particularly love his blunt and candid interviews.  Good thing the Eagles said they will not entertain a trade whatsoever.  Asante and Sheldon could be the best CB tandem in the league.  Let’s hope this doesn’t blow up into a distraction this season.

Eagles Issue Statement On Sheldon Brown [The 700 Level] — Well said Eagles.

Eagles may trade up to draft Moreno [Bleeding Green Nation] — YES! Potential trading partners would be New Orleans at 14 or Houston at 15.  We need to make sure that we draft before the Chargers, Broncos, and Jets at 16, 17, and 18.  I’m wondering what the cost would be.  I don’t see the Eagles giving up the 21st and their 3rd-rounder to move up 6-7 spots to grab him.  Or maybe they would.  I would be extremely satisfied with Knowshon Moreno and Chase Coffman on Day 1 of the draft, but we’ll be without any 3rd and 4th round picks.  However, we will have 4 5th-rounders.  Would a deal of the 21st pick, a 2009 5th-round pick, and a 2010 4th-round pick be enough to move up to 14?  I don’t know.  Somebody go grab an NFL value chart and let me know what it would take to get a deal done with New Orleans at 14.

Possible Trade Bait [Inside the Iggles] — Could Juqua Parker, Omar Gaither, Reggie Brown be used in a deal?

Do we have to worry about Shawn Andrews? [Iggles Blog] — You know contracts are a bitch when you’re arguably better than your brother and your college roommate, but they’re both making more money than you.  Shawn Andrews signed a 10 year, $35 million deal back in 2006.  Do you think he’ll start speaking up about his contract?  When your undrafted college roommate (Jason Peters) is almost making twice than you and you’re a first-round pick, that could be pretty annoying.  Let’s hope Shawn is cool with it.

Nothing but praises for Peters from former NFL line coach and Peter’s mentor [Bleeding Green Nation] — The media also weighs in.

Walter Football DOES NOT like the Peters Trade [Walter Football] — The guy did give up 11.5 sacks in 13 games last year.  Let’s hope that’s because he missed some camp and was unhappy about his contract and that he returns to his 2006-2007 form.

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  1. Henrik Says:

    What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.

  2. Billie Freerksen Says:

    Nice resource. rss feed added

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