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Why the Eagles named Michael Vick as the starting QB

Why Michael Vick was named Eagles starterI think naming Michael Vick the starting QB for the Eagles was the right move. Most people think he was named the starting QB just because he had a very strong performance against the Packers and followed that up with another great performance against the Lions. While Vick’s play in both of those games was phenomenal and was definitely a factor in the Eagles decision, I think there’s more to this decision than what meets the eye.

There are three additional factors that I think contributed to this decision.

First, the Eagles offensive line. The Eagles offensive line has been riddled with injuries this season. Not only have the Eagles lost their starting fullback Leonard Weaver and center Jamaal Jackson, but Jason Peters, Nick Cole, and Todd Herremans are all playing banged up. Green Bay was able to bring pressure on virtually every down whether they were bringing just 4 men or 6 men. Andy Reid knows that with all the injuries to his offensive line, he needs a mobile quarterback so his team doesn’t give up 5-6 sacks per game. Michael Vick’s ability to avoid a 10 yards loss and pick up a 10 yard gain is uncanny. He does it multiple times in a game. I think it’s quite clear that the Eagles offensive line was the #1 motivating factor for this move.

Kevin Kolb is/was supposed to be the Eagles franchise quarterback. I don’t think they would just bench him for just one poor half of football unless there were other factors present. Another reason for the move is DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin standing behind Vick and voicing their wishes to Andy Reid that they want Vick as their QB. I don’t know if anyone else picked this up, but both Maclin and Jackson gave their TD balls to Vick after they scored in the Lions game.

Lastly, Andy Reid took a lot of heat for keeping Stewart Bradley in the Packers game after he suffered a concussion. Andy can now say that he’s making this move to protect his players.

What do you think were the motives behind the decision?

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9 Responses to “Why the Eagles named Michael Vick as the starting QB”

  1. Gary C Says:

    Also Vicks contract is up at the end of this year. So they will play him to see how the team responds with him at the helm. If it goes welll they can renew the contract and move forward with him, if midway through the season it looks as if they wont make the playoffs at least they let the rest of the league get a chance to see what he can do, and hopefully get some very high value for him before giving the controlls entirely over to Kolb.

  2. mike L Says:

    With a salary cap in place next season the Eagles will not be able to afford Vick. They could not afford him this year if there was a salary cap. Vick is playing well but against what defenses? GB was playing a bit soft in the 2nd half and well the other game was detroit an improving but still weak defense. I will change my opinion if he can do wonders against Pittsburgh, Balt, NYJ or even Cinn. This week against Jack is the perfect opportunity to see what Kolb can do. The Jaguars don’t have a great pass rush. Desean Jackson spoke out in defense of the move to Kolb and away from McNabb before the season, now he is pro- Vick? Vick is exciting to watch, but it comes down to winning consistently. With a running QB you can pull off many surprises, maybe even defeat a better team. You will also have more fumbles, more hits on the QB which will lead to fatigue and injuries. Therefore you will also lose some games to a lesser team. This is why you don’t ever have the QB with the most rushing yards in a season ever hoisting the Lombardi trophy. In a year where you declare two rookies to be starters on your defense before the preseason, you are rebuilting. Vick may get you to the playoffs but where do you go from there. It is better to get kolb in there to learn.

  3. Ringz5 Says:

    Thecreal answer is Jeff Laurie told him to do it. Enough is enough…we did it your way for years. We need to keep our fans in theircseats and you do that by winning. Mcnabb is gone….we are not going backwards. You say Kolb is the starter after a win…then change your mind 24 hours later? The owner made this call.

  4. Cid Says:

    I think that the Vikes should start talking Vick with Philly right now….. It’s never too soon to start thinking about next year. Regardless of what happens, Favre won’t be back next year.

  5. Tom Boderan Says:

    Lurie made the call. It’s true


  6. Steve Says:

    Vick really looks good, He looks like the old Vick from back in the days at Atlanta it was a very Good decision.

  7. Ron Says:

    Laurie wants to raise ticket prices next year and needs a winning season and playoff appearance to do this. This move was from the front office.

  8. Frank Says:

    In light of all the contraversey and turmoil that has taken place thus far with the Eagles so far this season,i bet they wished they would have kept Donavon on the team.That way everybody could have blamed everything on him again.They cant make him the fall guy anymore.This time its on the three amigos,ANDY,Joe and Jeffery.

  9. Almaliek Says:

    Eagles started this season thinking it was going to be a rebuilding year so in comes Kolb but when the Cowgirls start of 0-2 and the Gaints look the way they did against Indy we have a real shoot to win the Division in comes vick veteren QB with the skills to take you as far as you let him.

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