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Phillies News > July 9th, 2011

Video: Tosh.0 Web Redemption With Tased Phillies Fan

“Don’t tase me bro!”

Since when is it illegal to have fun at a baseball game?

Phillies News > July 9th, 2011

Video: Tosh.0 With Phillies Fan Who Catches Ball, Daughter Throws It Away

The original Phillies Tosh.0. where a Phillies fan catches a ball and his daughter throws the ball back onto the field. The one where the guy gets tasered is next.

Eagles News Flyers News Phillies News Sixers News > March 8th, 2011

Philly Sports Fan Tattoo

Check out this tattoo of a dedicated Philadelphia Sports fan.  Pretty wild. Courtesy of Bar Stool Sports:

Philadelphia Sports Fan Tattoo

Phillies News > August 1st, 2009

Werth helps Cliff Lee secure first win as a Phillie

Last night was Cliff Lee’s Philadelphia debut against the San Fransisco Giants.  It was a pleasure watching this guy pitch.  He threw nothing but strikes and ended up striking out 6.  He threw a complete game making this game the 3rd game in his last 4 that he has gone 9 innings.  Lee had a no hitter going into the 6th.  Werth hit a HR in the 2nd to give the Phillies a 1-0 lead.  After that point, the Phillies struggled to get runners in scoring position home until Werth batted in 2 more runs in 7th.

It was good to see the Phillies snap that 2-game losing streak.  The Phillies have been so hot that you expect them to win every night.  If they lose two in a row, you scratch you head and ask what’s wrong with this team.  Shane Victorino sat this one out, but Ben Fransisco played well in his spot going 1 for 4 with an RBI.

I’m off to the Eagles training camp at Lehigh University now.  I’ll try to snap some photos and give you my first-hand impressions when I get back.


Phillies News > July 29th, 2009

Phillies acquire Cliff Lee

The Phillies acquired Cliff Lee in order to bolster their rotation.  The Phillies weren’t able to acquire Roy Halladay and I don’t blame them for not pulling the trigger.  The asking price was way too high and I’m glad they balked at it.

Instead, the Phillies looked at other options and went after reigning Cy Young winner Cliff Lea.  The Phillies sent four prospects to the Indians without departing with their top pitching and offensive prospect.  The Indians get Pitcher Carlos Corasco, Pitcher Jason Knapp, Shortstop Jason Donald, and Catcher Lou Marson.  Now the Phillies keep A.J. Happ, Kyle Drabeck, and Dominic Brown.

Cliff Lee has had a solid season with a 3.14 ERA, 1.30 WHIP, 107 K’s, and a 7-9 record with the Indians.  Lee has won his last 3 games, including 2 complete games.


Phillies News > July 25th, 2009

Roy Halladay Talks Heating Up: Jays still discussing deals with Phillies

When it seemed that the chances of landing Roy Halladay were over, ESPN is now reporting that talks between the Phillies and the Blue Jays are not over.  Discussions seemed to die down between the two teams because the Jays GM wanted both A.J. Happ and minor-league standout pitcher Kyle Drabeck, as well as promising young outfielder Dominic Brown, who offers the rare combination of power and speed.

After that trade offer was rejected by the Phillies, the Jays shopped Halladay around to other teams, including the contending St. Louis Cardinals.  I would have to assume that other teams haven’t been able to give the Blue Jays the value that the Phillies are capable of delivering.  As of now, it appears that the Phillies may be offering J.A. Happ, Dominic Brown, and another pitching prospect other than Kyle Drabeck, who was really the deal-breaker in this potential trade.

We’ll keep you posted on any developments on a Hallday tade.


Flyers News Phillies News Sixers News > April 19th, 2009

Philadelphia: Where Amazing Happens

Pretty incredible video put together by The 700 Level.  Flyers get their first win in the Pittsburgh series.  Phillies win with walk-off homer.  Sixers stun the Magic by overcoming an 18-point deficit to win the game in the last second.

Phillies News > April 13th, 2009

RIP Harry Kalas

We have lost one of the greats today.  Harry Kalas has passed away at the age of 73.  He will be dearly missed by us all.  Phillies baseball will never be the same without him.  Here is a tribute to some of his greatest calls:

Phillies News > March 31st, 2009

New Jimmy Rollins Wallpaper

Opening Day is in less than a week!  Whoo!  Let’s go Phils!  I added a bunch of Jimmy Rollins Wallpapers.  Here are the previews:


Phillies News > March 12th, 2009

New Cole Hamels, Brad Lidge Wallpapers

It’s almost baseball time, which means I’ll be working on coming out with more Phillies Wallpapers.  I’ve added some widescreen versions of some Chase Utley Wallpapers.  My all new editions are Cole Hamels and Brad Lidge.  I owe it to them after an amazing 2008.  May 2009 bring the same success.  I guess I should also announce that I’ve added a calendar to the right navigation bar if you ever want to navigate our archives.  Enjoy the wallpapers.  I’m going to be working on a Jason Werth and more Shane Victorino wallpapers soon.

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