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Eagles News Flyers News Phillies News Sixers News > March 8th, 2011

Philly Sports Fan Tattoo

Check out this tattoo of a dedicated Philadelphia Sports fan.  Pretty wild. Courtesy of Bar Stool Sports:

Philadelphia Sports Fan Tattoo

Sixers News > June 24th, 2010

Evan Turner Will Be Your Next Sixer?

Evan Turner to the SixersThe NBA Draft takes place tonight and with the No. 2 overall pick in this year’s draft, everyone is expecting the Sixers to draft Ohio State SG 6’7″ Evan Turner. If the Sixers don’t draft Evan Turner, it would be considered a slap in the face to Sixers fans.

According to the Bleacher Report, this draft pick is a no-brainer and I would have to agree with them. Shooting guard is definitely area of need for the Sixers and the addition of Evan Turner could shape the Sixers team for years to come.

After adding PG Jrue Holiday with last year’s 17th pick, PF/C Marreese Speights with the 16th pick in 2008, and SF/PF Thaddeus Young with the 12th pick in 2007, a legitimate SG is the one position missing from a solid group of young stars.

A starting 5 of Marreese Speights, Elton Brand, Andre Iguodala, Evan Turner, and Jrue Holiday with Thaddeus Young and Lou Williams getting serious minutes off the bench could surely return to the Sixers to the playoffs next season with a 7th or 8th seed and the future will be looking bright for these young Sixers.

Let’s take a look at Evan Turner:

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Sixers News > December 1st, 2009

Sixers Offer Allen Iverson One-Year Contract

The 76ers have offered Allen Iverson a one-year contract. Allen Iverson has not accepted the deal yet. A possible sticking points may be over Allen Iverson wanting a two-year deal.


Sixers News > November 29th, 2009

Paying Tribute to Allen Iverson


Sixers News > November 28th, 2009

Iverson On His Way Back To Philly?

According to ESPN, the 76ers are “seriously considering” offering Allen Iverson a contract.

I think they should drop the seriously considering and make it happen!

Where’s there to lose?  Nothing.  With a 5-11 record and the league’s lowest attendance, it shouldn’t even be a question.


If you want the fancy analysis weighing the pros and cons of this move, check out Sixers 4 Guidos.


Sixers News > October 22nd, 2009

Elton Brand’s EB2 Shoe Released

Elton Brand’s new Converse shoe, the EB2, was recently released.  Converse has paired up with JC Penny to offer the shoe at affordable prices: $65 for adults, $50 for kids.  Here’s a picture of the EB2:


Sixers News > September 24th, 2009

Sixers Reveal New Uniforms

Sixers New Uniforms

We were told the Sixers were going back to the 1983-style uniforms.  Well, they unveiled the uniforms the other day and although it’s an improvement, I still think they dropped the ball on the chance they had.  I wanted the the actual 1983 uniforms, not the 2009 remix of the of 1983 uniforms.  Like Sixers 4 Guidos mentioned, these uniforms are too close to the Clippers.  At least we’re back to the red/white/blue with the Old Sixers logo, but I still want the ACTUAL 1983 uniforms.

Sixers News > July 11th, 2009

Sixers Draft Pick: Jrue Holiday

What’s up my peeps.  I’m sorry for not updating the site in a very long time, but I’ve had to deal with moving and starting a new job, so I needed to take a slight break from the action.  Not much has happened recently.  This is the dull part of year when we’re waiting in limbo while the Phillies fight through mid-season and we prepare for Eagles training camp.  We will get back into full swing once the Eagles start training camp.  In the meantime, I just wanted to catch up on some stories.

First order of business is taking a look at the Sixers 2009 draft pick, Jrue Holiday.  Going into the 2009 NBA Draft, we knew the Sixers were coveting a point guard.  Some thought that Ty Lawson would be the pick.  Jrue Holiday was also on the radar.  The consensus seems to be that Jrue was a steal at #17 for the Sixers and it was Lawson who was then drafted at #18.

Let’s take a look at the highlight video:

And then the strength and weaknesses via

Strengths: Long and wiry combo guard … A crafty ballhandler that knows how to get defenders off balance with the dribble … Has a good repertoire of moves and mixes them up well to keep the defense guessing … He has a deceptive 1st step and shifty quickness making him difficult to contain on the perimeter … Is adept using both hands, either when attacking or finishing … Uses his body as well as his length to finish around the basket … Utilizes a variety of floaters and runners in the lane … Likes to pull up from the midrange where he shoots with balance and good rhythm … Shows good speed in the open court and the ability to manoeuvre through traffic with the dribble while going full speed … Puts in a good effort defensively, where he enjoys being aggressive and pressuring ballhandlers … Has good hands, anticipates well and uses his wingspan to get many deflections … He is unselfish and possesses good court vision and has shown glimpses of being able to run a team full time …

Weaknesses: Had a very disappointing season in terms of the hype he had coming in from highschool … Played out of position for the majority of the season, and struggled finding his comfort zone … Battled inconsistency with his shot all year and it threw the rest of his offensive game off balance … Defenses showed very little respect for his outside shot, daring him to shoot and taking away his driving lanes … His form is a big issue as it throws his stroke off and makes his release inconsistent … He shoots off the side of his head with the shooting elbow way out, as a result his shot is all over the place …He does not have the superb athleticism or strength like many other combo guards … Tends to waste dribbles on the perimeter, killing the flow of the offense because he can be a ball stopper at times … Gets into trouble by over penetrating and then trying to make the spectacular play while in traffic and under pressure … Settles for contested jumpshots from outside and takes a lot of fading and offbalance attempts inside … Leaves his feet to make passes and gets caught with no options … Is stuck between positions because he has not proven that he can be a consistent scorer or that his decision making will translate to the next level …

I see good things in the future for the Sixers with the young trio of Jrue Holiday, Marreese Speights, and Thaddeus Young.  I like the pick and so does Bleacher Report:

Holiday is a much better prospect than a player like Ty Lawson or an Eric Maynor player. Even with Andre Miller gone, Holiday probably won’t start immediately since he has a ton of upside and must be brought up slowly, which is the only downside to this pick. But I can’t express how much I love this pick.

The former McDonald’s All American, was the best player at number seventeen. He has the largest upside of anybody in the draft. As much as people liked Lawson, he is what he is, he has reached his ceiling. At 19-years old he hasn’t even shown us what he can do. Maynor is 22-years-old, and has also reached his ceiling.

Based on potential and upside of a player, the Sixers get a consensus lottery pick at number seventeen.

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Flyers News Phillies News Sixers News > April 19th, 2009

Philadelphia: Where Amazing Happens

Pretty incredible video put together by The 700 Level.  Flyers get their first win in the Pittsburgh series.  Phillies win with walk-off homer.  Sixers stun the Magic by overcoming an 18-point deficit to win the game in the last second.

Sixers News > March 11th, 2009

Thaddeus Young is pretty good

Thaddeus Young put up a career-high 29 points as the Sixers beat the Raptors, 115-106.  Here are the highlights:


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